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My guitar amplifiers features a flexible preamplifier module to provide a wide range of voicing options. The amplifier is voiced in both analog and in digital. By using the proper mixture of analog and digital components you get great flexibility and low noise. A DSP allows you to run a complicated multi-band distortion engine that would be too costly to implement in analog.

The distortion model is not meant to emulate other amplifiers, but instead have its own unique sound. If you want to model classic guitar amplifiers, go elsewhere. I provide the next generation of sound without looking back. Thick fat tones you can only get by running two independent amplifier sections slightly detuned as well as some odd and unique sounds only attainable thru multi-band distortion.

But it does not stop there, the DSP also runs the built in effects reverb , chorus , and delay . All of the effect parameters easily controlled by knobs rather than some cryptic menu and some buttons. Great lengths went into designing an interface that is easy and fun to use, even for a first timer. All functions are controlled by 5 knobs, 2 buttons, and 8 bicolor leds.

On the back you will find the usual outputs you see on most amps and a few surprises. There are a pair of speaker jacks to connect speakers. Internally there are a pair 15 watt Class-D amplifiers to drive external speakers. There is also a handy inserts if you want to record directly to a mixer, add you own effect processor, or even to attach a kilowatt amplifier to wake the neighbors. A footswitch jack lets you select from 4 user presets. A power jack is provided to charge the internal lead acid batteries.

A serial port gives you a unique interface into the amp. You can query the amp to see what value each parameter is set or look to see how much resources are currently being used. It allows you to share your favorite presets over the web, and if all goes well, fingers crossed, I want to have a presets from your favorite guitarists available for free on this site. The serial port is driven by PicPuter , my pic basic 'interpreter'.

Preamplifier Features Include:
  • True Stereo Design, Its actually running 2 independent preamplifiers.
  • Multiband Distortion, Runs 12 sweepable band pass filters and 12 distortion boxes.
  • Digital Reverb, True stereo design runs 2 independent reverb algorithms
  • Digital Delay, Up to .73 seconds of delay with an adjustable low pass filter.
  • Chorus.
  • Compressor.
  • Downward Expander.
  • 48000 Samples Per Second 24 bit ADC/DAC
  • DSP Math, 31 bits of accuracy.
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